March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Promote Your Booth
Be the First to Welcome Back Your Customers!

10×10 Standard Booth: $3,375
2023 Expo Dates
Monday, March 20 – Wednesday, March 22
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Promote Your Booth
Let’s talk about how promotion contributes directly to your exhibiting success. Sure, you can easily assemble your booth and attendees will likely visit, but there has to be more to exhibiting than that, right?

It’s rather simple… We want you to value your time at Pittcon. We want you to exceed your exhibiting goals. We help by providing you with a comprehensive suite of pre-, in-, and post-show promotional tools.

Engage Attendees… The most impactful part of exhibiting at any exposition isn’t your booth alone, it’s also how well you engaged attendees. Pittcon Marketing is here to help you do just that. We bring the attendees to Pittcon, now let’s work together to drive them to your booth.

Attendee Engagement

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Pittcon works hard to get attendees to the expo floor…only YOU can get them to your booth.

Attendee Engagement

Sponsorship Opportunities
Enhance your brand at Pittcon by standing out from the competition and driving lead-generating traffic to your booth.

Pre-Show & Registration Sponsorships
Print & Digital Sponsorships
Lobbies and Meeting Room Sponsorships
Expo Floor Sponsorships
Pittcon Party Sponsorships

Marketing & Promotional Tools
Pittcon works hard to get attendees to the expo floor…only YOU can get them to your booth.

Logos, Brochures and Digital tools
PR Tools
Marketing & Promotion Webinars
Exhibiting Strategies
Measurement & Evaluation


Engage attendees in the DemoZone with an interactive live demo of a product or service.

Learning Lab
Offer attendees takeaway experiences that help them at their daily jobs with helpful tips or teaching something new.

Lab Gauntlet
Test the lab skills of attendees by engaging one-one-one with them in a series of fun, short lab challenges.


Stay connected to Pittcon throughout the year.

Pittcon 2024 Dates
Monday (Feb 26) – Wednesday (Feb 28)
Short Courses:
Saturday (Feb 24) – Wednesday (Feb 28)
Technical Program:
Sunday (Feb 25) – Wednesday (Feb 28)



Pittcon 2024 Location

San Diego Convention Center
111 Harbor Drive
San Diego, California, 92101, USA


Future Dates
2025 Boston, MA
March 1-5
2026 San Antonio, TX
March 7-11
2027 San Diego, CA
February 27 – March 3
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