March 1 - 5, 2020
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois, USA

We are no longer accepting DemoZone submissions.


What is the Lab Gauntlet?
A series of short, fun, one-minute challenges where attendees compete for prizes (i.e. pipette challenge, puzzle).

Why participate?
Engage with attendees one on one, last year over 1,000 attendees ran the Gauntlet. Participating exhibitors gained valuable leads and a tremendous amount of exposure; including print and digital, t-shirts and on site signage.

    We are no longer accepting Gauntlet Challenges



How do I choose a challenge?
The challenge is totally up to the exhibitor!

Examples include: pipette challenge, pH testing task, accurate temp reading, guess what is in the electron microscope or microscope image, how fast can you get geared up in full personal protective gear? The possibilities are endless.

Be creative and out of the box! But please keep the challenge related to science or at minimum, have some aspect of science included either in the accessories or concept (beakers, scales, etc.).

What Pittcon Will Provide

  • Electric (if needed)
  • Skirted table with two chairs
  • Signage for each station
  • Pre-show promotion
  • Any other equipment will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide

The Submission Process

  • All submissions will be reviewed and selected based on criteria such as creativity, ease of implementation, measurability, etc.
  • There is a non-refundable fee of $300 for each exhibitor selected to participate in a station
  • Deadline for submission is January 6, 2020
  • After this date, all challenge submission will be reviewed and chosen.
Challenge Criteria
  • The actual task must be kept to no more than one minute to complete, easy to explain, and a quick reset for the next challenger.
  • The challenge should have a way to measure success such timing, by results, by correct answer, by method, etc.
  • The exhibitor will provide the staffing for their station at all times during the operational hours of the event, Tuesday – Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM.
  • The equipment used in the challenge should be “mobile” or have the ability to be easily transported back to booth when the Gauntlet is not open.
  • Exhibitor will supply a small give away item to those who successfully complete the challenge.
  • The exhibitor staff should be an outgoing, animated person who can add fun and excitement to the Gauntlet and their station and engage conferees.

Submission deadline is January 6, 2020.

  • Contact Info
  • Contact will manage and receive all communications regarding the Lab Gauntlet.
  •   Lab Gauntlet Info
  • A catchy title works best. (You can change this at a later date.)
  • What the participant will need to accomplish, along with how it will be measured as a successful completion.
  • What equipment will be used for your challenge.
  • Items you will be distributing for successful completions of a task.




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