February 24-28, 2024
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA

Official Pittcon Vendors.

WARNING: Be Aware of Registration Poachers and Data Scammers!

Poachers and scammers are constantly posing as official representatives of Pittcon to sell unofficial attendee data lists, conference registrations, hotel reservations, lead retrieval sales, and booth sales. These companies are unrelenting and are known to constantly change their company and domain names.

Go straight to the source – The only authorized information concerning Pittcon will come directly from Pittcon and will be accessible through the show’s website (pittcon.org), our OpenWater platform (pittcon.secure-platform.com), and if you’re an exhibitor, within your Exhibitor Portal through Ungerboeck (pittcon.ungerboeck.net).

Below is the list of OFFICIAL vendors providing services for Pittcon:

Service Official Vendor Official Website
Pittcon Pittcon Conference + Expo https://pittcon.org
Pittcon Registration Maritz (formerly Experient) https://pittcon.org/register
(redirects to registration.experientevent.com)
Short Courses, Technical Program, and Networking Submissions OpenWater https://pittcon.secure-platform.com
Exhibitor Services Software (Exhibitor Portal) Ungerboeck https://pittcon.org/exhibitorportal
(redirects to pittcon.ungerboeck.net)
Housing (Hotels) onPeak https://pittconhousing.com
https://pittcon.org/pittcon-housing/ (redirects to https://compass.onpeak.com/)
Attendee Data Sales Maritz (formerly Experient) https://exhibitor.experientswap.com
Lead Retrieval Sales Maritz (formerly Experient) https://exhibitor.experientswap.com

Pittcon will only release verified or confirmed attendee lists to current registered exhibitors, via our data sales company; Maritz (formerly Experient). Email addresses and phone information are never provided. Pittcon attendees are able to opt-out of this physical mailing list during the registration process or may modify an existing registration to “opt-out” at any time. However this may not prevent attendees from receiving these fraudulent “contact list” emails.

Pittcon does not sell Exhibitor Lists or Exhibitor contact information to anyone and only provides this information to the show’s official contractors to inform Exhibitor of Expo related services. Solicitations from unofficial vendors are often the result of obtaining public information available on the internet.





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