March 17 - 21, 2019
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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WHEN: March 17 – 21, 2019
WHERE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

3 Day Expo
The expo will take place Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Science is a dynamic and constantly evolving discipline. Every day, all over the world, scientists are making new discoveries; formulating new medicines to enhance the quality of life and solving global environmental, energy and food related challenges.

Pittcon, a vital resource for knowledge, happens yearly to help keep you informed of, connected to and up-to-date on these significant ongoing findings and new instrumentation.

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Anyone who identifies, quantifies, analyzes or tests the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, or who manages these laboratory scientists.
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Multi-lingual interpreters onsite to provide information and assistance with any issues while at Pittcon.

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Free Radical Formation in Electronic Cigarette Aerosols
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: Free Radical Formation in Electronic Cigarette Aerosols: An interview with Dr John Richie, Penn State College
The Human Microbiome – Potential Fingerprint in Forensic Evidence?
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: The Human Microbiome – A New Potential Fingerprint in Forensic Evidence?: An interview Prof. Gilbert
Utilization of Bioanalytical Techniques in the Crime Scene
Analytical instruments serve as invaluable tools in a wide range of scientific disciplines, from clinical research and drug...
Current and Future Applications of Bioanalytical Imaging
Analytical instruments serve as invaluable tools in a wide range of scientific disciplines, from clinical research and drug...
Using Smartphones for Cancer Diagnosis and Management
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: Using Smartphones for Cancer Diagnosis and Management: An interview with Cesar M. Castro, M.D., MGH
Cannabis Quality and Contamination Testing
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: Cannabis Quality and Contamination Testing: an interview with Bob Clifford, PhD, conducted by Alina Shrourou, BSc
Bioimaging: An Industry guide to Clinical Spectroscopy
As biomedical research focused on personalized therapy continues to grow, molecular spectroscopy also continues to expand...
Analysis and Automation Technologies for Pharmaceutical Research
The journey from bench to bedside is a long one in the world of pharmaceutical research, entailing large expense, complex processes...
Environmental Analysis at Pittcon 2018Article
Contamination and pollution of our air, soil, and water with chemical species resulting from human activities are threats to human health.
Food Safety at Pittcon 2018Article
A fundamental goal of the food industry is to provide consumers with quality food that is safe to enjoy. There has always been the risk...
Epigenetics: A New Tool for Forensic Detectives
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: An interview with Dr. Bruce R. McCord, Professor of Chemistry, Florida International University
Why Should We Weigh Every Protein in the Human Body?
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: An interview with Neil L. Kelleher, Prof. Northwestern University & Dir. Proteomics Center of Excellence
Novel Nanomaterials for Improved Food Safety
THOUGHT LEADER SERIES: An interview with Prof. Antje J. Baeumner, University Regensburg, Institute for Analytical Chemistry
The Latest Advances in Nanotechnology at Pittcon 2018
Nanotechnology has become an increasingly important area of science with many applications. This article outlines the current trends...
Rise of the “Omics”: Analyzing Biological Molecules
‘Omics’ research is the non-targeted and non-biased analysis of a specific biological sample, the findings of which may give rise to hypotheses...
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New for Pittcon 2019

    Pittcon’s 70th year features a plethora of exciting new sessions and events:

    In addition to these new events, a few of the new events from Pittcon 2018 are also returning this year and they include: NEXUS Theaters, Pub Pittcon, NIJ Symposium, and a 3-day expo running Tuesday-Thursday.

    70th Birthday Celebration

    Wednesday, March 20th 2 pm. Birthday celebration Pittcon style on the expo floor.

    The New Dr. Pete Conn Reveal

    Pittcon’s official mascot gets an update for its 70th year. Be the first to meet him at the Opening Cermony; Tuesday, March 18 at 8:45 am.

    Philadelphia Innovation Crawl

    Thursday, March 21st 5-8PM. A tour of innovation spaces in the city including The Wistar Institute, Singh Center for Nanotechnology, and ending with a tour and reception at Science Center/Cambridge Innovation Center at 3675 Market.

    Diversity in STEM Panel

    Wednesday, March 21st 1PM. A new panel discussion advocating for women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color in the workplace.

    Independence After Hours

    Monday, March 18th & Tuesday, March 19th 5:30 pm. An 18th-century inspired dinner at historic City Tavern, followed by a tour of Independence Hall. Other new social events include; Barcade, Escape the Room, and Evil Genius and Love City Breweries.

    Flash Posters

    Sunday, March 17th. The program committee will identify exceptional abstracts and those authors will be asked to participate in a 4 slide, 4 minute FLASH session.

    25 new Short Courses

    Topics include: Practical NMR Spectroscopy, Characterization of Biologics by HPLC, CE, and Mass Spectrometry, Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics and Research Leadership, The Cannabinoid Story: History, Products, Analytics and the Crime Lab, Characterization of Surfaces and Thin Films, and many more. VIEW NEW COURSES

    Autism Awareness Campaign “Different but the Same”

    Autism booths on the expo floor and in programs will be selling pop sockets and cell phone wallets for donations. The Pittcon Planetarium will be set up, and attendees can go in for a fee to participate in the presentation. There will be other activities aimed at raising awareness and providing donations. All proceeds will benefit the PEAL Center.

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Pittcon 2019 Dates & Times
Tuesday (Mar 19) – Thursday (Mar 21)

Technical Program:
Sunday (Mar 17) – Thursday (Mar 21)

Short Courses:
Saturday (Mar 16) – Thursday (Mar 21)

Expo Hours:

Tuesday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Registration Information

Pittcon 2019 Location

Pennsylvania Convention Center

1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Convention Center Website

Future Dates
2020 Chicago, IL
March 1-5
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March 7-11
2022 Atlanta, GA
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March 19-23
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