March 5-9, 2022
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Join Us in Atlanta for Pittcon 2022
Reconnect with colleagues, feel the instruments, and experience the sights. Celebrate bringing together a world of knowledge to impact, enrich, and inspire the future of science.

2022 Technical Program Dates
Sunday, March 6 – Wednesday, March 9

Pittcon is a friendly, welcoming environment where analytical chemists at all professional levels meet. Pittcon is a platform for sharing ideas and cooperating to form new ones. Here, you will find that spark that drives your research, your career, and above all, your scientific perspective forward.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who develops, buys, or sells laboratory equipment, performs physical or chemical analyses, develops analysis methods, or manages these scientists.

Pittcon is a dynamic, transnational exposition and comprehensive technical conference, a venue for examining the latest advances in research and scientific instrumentation, and a platform for continuing education and career-enhancing opportunity.

Featured Speakers

Accelerating the Development of Drug Formulation Design with Modern High Throughput Experimentation Analytical Techniques
Ion Optics Interface for Performing Laser Desorption/Ablation Mass Spectrometry on the Moon
Forensic Science R&D Grant Programs at the National Institute of Justice: Chemical and Biological Analysis in the Service of Justice
Portable Spectrometers: Opportunities and Caveats
Target Screening for 1,4-dioxane and Simultaneous Non-Target Characterization of Consumer Products with GC-MS
Elemental Analysis of Lubricating Oils by ICP-OES for ASTM D5185
Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Agriculture and Food Monitoring
Analysis of Microplastics in Water: Focus on Sampling, Sample Preparation and Green Analytical Protocols
Characterization of Terpene Synthase Family Members
Here Be Dragons: Development of the Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer for Titan
New Horizons in Mass Spectrometry; Sizing and Counting Particles by Native Mass Spectrometry

Technical Program Tracks

One of the foremost analytical chemistry conferences, Pittcon’s technical program provides participants with direct access to the latest research and developments from top scientists and innovators throughout the world.

Bioanalytics & Life Sciences
Instrumentation and process development for the quantitative measurement of biological molecules (macromolecules, protein, DNA)and drugs and their metabolites in biological systems.
Analytical methods used to solve environmental monitoring problems for chemical compounds in nature, natural and pollutant.
Cannabis & Hemp
Analytical techniques for Quality Assessment and Assurance of products from Cannabis.
Food Science & Agriculture
Analytical techniques applied to all aspects of crop and animal production, food safety, quality, nutrition, processing, and packaging.
Chemical Materials & Materials Science
Developing methods for characterization, processing, and determining a molecular-level understanding of materials with interesting or potentially useful physical characteristics, such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties.
Forensics & Toxicology
Analysis of materials from a crime scene and materials causing adverse effects on the human body.
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Analytical applications for product quality and detection of hazardous chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.
Industry & Manufacturing
The analysis of industrial, petrochemical, and basic chemicals including polymers, fertilizers, fibers, intermediates, solvents and much more.
Energy powers our electronic devices, heats our homes, fuels our vehicles and factors, analytical chemistry helps to improve our understanding of these devices.
Application of analytical techniques for testing chemical composition and properties/activities of medicinal drugs.

Highlighted Symposia
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The Lighter Side of Pittcon

Social Events at Pittcon
Relax and enjoy these specially planned social events. Meet new people, network with colleleagues or just kick back after a long day.


Pittcon Party | Atlanta

Celebrate together again, in (aquatic) style, at the Georgia Aquarium.

Pittcon 2022 Dates



Pittcon 2022 Location

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313, USA


Future Dates
2023 Philadelphia, PA
March 18-22
2024 San Diego, CA
February 24-28
2025 Boston, MA
March 1-5
2026 Philadelphia, PA
March 14-18
2027 San Diego, CA
February 27 – March 3

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