Webinar: Inside Your Exhibiting Numbers

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Budgeting, Money Management and Measuring Performance, Value and ROI

Webinar Discussion Points

  • 3 major questions executives ask about tradeshows
  • Exhibiting ROI – can it be measured?
  • Budgeting for exhibiting success
  • Where the tradeshow dollar goes
  • Saving money by expense area
  • Easy to apply tradeshow performance metrics
  • Creating an Exhibiting Performance & ROI report

Presented by Jefferson Davis, President, Competitive Edge

Jefferson is President of Competitive Edge, a highly-specialized consulting and training firm on a mission to inspire, lead and direct businesses on how to more effectively use exhibiting to visibly support core business objectives and generate measurable financial value, far beyond cost.

His mission is achieved by challenging companies to re-evaluate limiting perspectives about exhibiting and getting them focused on precision execution of five critical exhibiting success factors.

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