March 18-22, 2023
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Welcome to Pittcon!
The International Visitor Center (IVC) is at your service.

Whether this is your first time to Pittcon or you have attended past shows, we invite you to visit our International Visitors’ Center when you arrive at the convention center. Here you will receive a warm welcome and assistance on how to navigate conference week.

The IVC is located in 307AB, (Overlook Meeting Rooms), just above the main Expo Hall entrance.

Invitation Letter
You can request a Visa Invitation Letter to support your visa application during the registration process to attend the conference. The Visa Invitation Letter will be emailed after the participant has been registered for this conference and the registration fee has been paid in full. Original Visa Invitation Letters cannot be mailed via Post/DHL/Airmail.

Visa Invitation Letters will only be issued to:

Attendees who have paid their registration fee and/or Short Course fee in full
Exhibitors who have paid their exhibitor package fee in full

Please note:

Under no circumstances shall Pittcon provide a Visa Invitation Letter to any interested party who has not met the guidelines listed above

Only an email version of the Visa Invitation Letter will be emailed to the participant. An original letter cannot be mailed via Post/DHL/Airmail

If a visa is denied, the Pittcon refund policy still applies. (see: Participation & Refund Policy)

The Visa Invitation Letter does not financially obligate Pittcon organizers in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to Pittcon are the sole responsibility of the participant

Pittcon is not authorized to assist with the visa process beyond providing a Visa Invitation Letter

International Visitors Center (IVC)

Hours of Operation

1:00 to 5:00 pm

Monday & Tuesday:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Useful International Links
U.S. Department of State
An official source of information about United States visa policy and procedures.

Visa Information
Learn about obtaining a visa, as well as applying for your visa.

Stay connected to Pittcon throughout the year.




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