Keep a Customer: Writing for Excellent Customer Service and Support

Keep a Customer: Writing for Excellent Customer Service and Support

Steven Schultz
Writing at Work, Inc.
Short Course #91

Length: 1 Day Course

Date: 03/06/2017 – Monday

Fee: $575 ($775 after 2/18/17)

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Target Audience

Along with customer service reps, the course is ideal for scientists and other technical professionals called on to respond to inquiries, troubleshoot problems, or clearly explain products or procedures. Also applicable to jobs that require communicating with diverse, non-technical audiences—such as sales, marketing, purchasing, QA/QC, or compliance.

Course Description

Brush up your written responses to customer inquiries, requests for help with products and applications, and, yes, complaints. As email has now become the primary means for communicating with customers, make sure your messages effectively get the job done as well as reflect technical competence, responsive service, and your organization’s advertised image for dependability and quality. This interactive workshop also covers how to succinctly convey product information and benefits, maintain customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and apply the much different strategies needed in writing than when communicating in person or on the phone.

Past Course Reviews

“I now plan to change the format of my customer’s reports”

“I enjoyed seeing pertinent examples of how to apply customer-friendly techniques every day.”

“It was informative, and I liked the interactive presentation style.”

“I send multiple emails a day & answer customers who are upset. This will help me answer them in a more efficient, convincing, and positive way.”

“I will now be able to write emails that are more to the point & have a better tone.”

“Very happy to see things from a different perspective.”