March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Your Competitors Are Marketing Their Booth…ARE YOU?
Pittcon works hard to get attendees to the expo floor…only YOU can get them to your booth.

Marketing is an integral part of a successful trade show exhibition. It places your company in the minds and on the maps of thousands of Pittcon attendees, increasing traffic to your booth and creating leads that yield revenues for years.

Marketing & Publicity Tools Engagement & ROI Tools

Why Market Your Booth?

Universal trade show statistics prove that pre-show, in-show, and post-show marketing is both a valuable exhibitor resource and an integral and expanding aspect of a complete trade show, promotional suite.

Pittcon offers a variety of resources designed to assist exhibitors with their promotional strategies, and to help them stand out in a competitive scientific
market. The tools in this kit are available so that your company will be able to get the most out of your Pittcon attendance:

Marketing & Publicity Tools

    ► Attendee Lists
    ► Banner Advertisements
    ► Demographics
    ► Press Conferences
    ► Program & Publication Advertisements
    ► Press Lists
    ► Sponsorship Opportunities

Marketing & Publicity Tools

Increase Engagement & ROI

    ► Marketing & Promotion
    ► Measurement & Evaluation
    ► Budgeting
    ► Exhibiting Strategies
    ► Exhibiting Checklist
    ► Exhibiting Webinars
    ► Ask an Expert

    Engagement & ROI Tools

Exhibitor Marketing Timeline

Pre-show Marketing

Pre-show Marketing opens Pittcon exhibitors like you to greater promotional opportunities, increasing brand awareness, booth traffic, and leads. The benefits of pre-show marketing efforts are significant.

Currently, the Pittcon exhibitor pre-show marketing space is abundant with opportunity, as only approximately 5% of Pittcon exhibitors engage in pre-show marketing tactics, compared to an average of 20% at other shows.


  • Attendee Lists
  • Digital Brochure
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Pre-show Publication Advertisements
  • Press Lists
  • Press Releases
  • Pre-show Sponsorships

In-show Marketing

In-show Marketing reaches beyond the booth, providing Pittcon attendees with a positive, lasting experience when they interact with your exhibition staff and product experts. Such marketing tactics are proven to enhance the overall effect of booth-based exhibition communication and interaction, yielding an improved quality of leads and increased return on investment.

When coupled with pre-show marketing, in-show marketing provides attendees with a clear avenue straight to your booth. Together, they are a valuable promotional combination that informs attendees of the benefit of visiting your booth, promoting brand impressions and booth visitations.

This pre-show/in-show strategy works to improve not only the quantity of leads, but also, the quality of leads generated for you at Pittcon. In-show marketing is very much the practice of continued engagement.


  • On Site Sponsorships
  • Final Program Advertisements
  • On Site Publication Advertisements
  • Press Conferences

Post-show Marketing

Post-show Marketing takes engagement beyond the exhibition floor, helping your organization to establish and foster real, revenue-producing relationships with clients. When joined with pre-show and in-show marketing, post-show marketing completes the comprehensive suite of exhibitor promotional capability.

Exhibitors find that they are able to take the leads and interest garnered while exhibiting at Pittcon, and through post-show marketing, increase brand awareness and revenue streams.


  • Attendee Lists
  • Post-show Publication Advertisements

Marketing & Publicity Tools Engagement & ROI Tools




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