The Secret Decoder Ring for GC Method Development and Optimization

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Gas Chromatography column selection and optimization can be overwhelming. The presenter will teach techniques how to convert this complexity of hundreds of different columns into a mere handful that can be used to select GC columns from virtually any vendor. The second portion of the course will focus on strategies to speed up your analysis significantly with the goal of maintaining minimum target analyte separation. The course is focused on visual representations/concepts without the use of advanced mathematics.

TARGET AUDIENCE: GC lab technicians and GC method development scientists who would like to better understand GC column selection and optimization. Why are we using column “X”? How can we improved our analysis time without compromising quality? If you are asking these type of questions, this course will be able to help.

About Miles Snow

I started my studies in chemistry at 7 years of age which helped to secure a lab technician position while in high school. After 9 years of university, I accepted a position as a Senior Analytical Chemist at an environmental contract lab for a few years until I joined PerkinElmer’s field operations in 1990; supporting internal and external customer’s GC application needs. My current position as Principal Scientist started in 2012 focusing on applications and hardware development with over 10 patents. During my hundreds of lectures, presentations and workshops, I strive to explain advanced concepts with visual aids and analogies.

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