Language and Matter: Technical Writing for Analytical Scientists and Managers

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Presented by Anthony Parker, PhD of A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC
December 1, 2020 (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST)
Cost: $199

AUDIENCE: This course was designed by industrial scientists and managers – for industrial scientists and managers. The target audience includes writers from technical & business disciplines, including anyone who strives to improve written and oral communication skills in the technical workplace.

This course is designed to assist professionals with the basic skills needed to effectively communicate to any target audience within a business/technical environment. Lectures are combined with examples to reinforce and develop techniques such as defining and understanding the needs/interests of a writer’s audience and communicating ideas through “parallel structure.” Upon completion, participants will have been exposed to a unique paradigm that will assist them in planning and preparing high-quality technical, scientific, and business documents.


Why Take This Course?

About Dr. Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker, Ph.D. is a Principal Scientist and founder of A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC. Dr. Parker has 35 years of industrial experience in research, development, and management. He has been involved in multiple start-up businesses ranging from medical devices and musical instrument strings to packaging adhesives and cosmetics. His interests and expertise are in the areas of surface chemistry and adhesion, bio-based materials and adhesives, mechanical properties of polymers, structure-property-process relationships in polymers, thermal analytical methods, spectroscopic methods (NMR, FTIR), UV curable coatings, and musical strings/ instruments. Dr. Parker has authored or co-authored more than 50 technical publications, with more than 40 issued patents and several patents pending.

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