March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Nanotechnology & Material Sciences



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The Pittcon Conference & Expo is the ideal place to learn about the latest trends in nanotechnology and the impacts of nanomaterials. This article outlines the current trends in nanotechnology, characterization, and regulation, which will be discussed at Pittcon. [gap] Nanotechnology at Pittcon The Pittcon Conference is an ideal place...


An interview with Shelley Minteer, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah, discussing how sustainable and economical cascade-based electrocatalysis could lead to a brighter future across research and industry. How are electrocatalysts used in research and industry? Electrocatalysts are abundant across the industry. People use electrocatalysts for water splitting....
Dr. Chad Mirkin, Director of International Institute for Nanotechnology talks to News-Medical Life Science about the use of spherical nucleic acids (SNAs) in vaccinations and treatments for disease, and what they show about the importance of structure in pharmaceutical development. What are spherical nucleic acids (SNAs)? Spherical nucleic acids (SNAs)...
In this interview, Professor John Rogers talks to News-Medical Life Sciences about his research and work in developing biocompatible electronics and microfluidic systems with skin-like properties. Biological systems are traditionally mechanically soft however modern electronic and microfluidic technologies are rigid, meaning the layouts are completely different. Eliminating this mismatch will...






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