March 18-22, 2023
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Networking Sessions
Personalized Networking Opportunity
We are still accepting topics for 2023 Networking Sessions.
We are excited to our return to face-to-face meetings and are searching for individuals to host a Networking session. This is an opportunity for attendees to interact with industry leaders in a more relaxed, informal setting. If you are interested in leading a session, please make a submission below.

2023 Networking Dates

Monday, March 20
Tuesday, March 21
Wednesday, March 22

Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA
The Networking Committee is especially interested in proposed sessions on:

In-demand areas such as biopharmaceuticals/pharmaceuticals, cannabis/hemp, pandemic response, environmental, biomedical/biosensors, food science, energy, and nanotechnology

“Hot topics” in analytical chemistry (i.e., analytical chemistry in oil/gas industry, cannabis testing and regulation, analytical chemistry in forensics and/or homeland security, social media in analytical chemistry

Soft skills, diversity and inclusion, mentoring, career development.

Particular instrumentation/technique/discussion group (i.e., LCMS users’ group, industry changes from COVID-19 pandemic, educators’ discussion group, chromatography users, etc.)

Topics on our core tracks; Bioanalytics & Life Sciences, Cannabis, Hemp & Psychedelics, Nanotechnology & Materials Science, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Energy, Environmental, Food Science & Agriculture, Forensics & Toxicology, Industry & Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical

What are Networking Sessions?

These 90-minute sessions provide a unique networking opportunity for attendees with similar interests to meet other professionals in an informal setting. They are open to all full attendee registrations at no extra cost.

These sessions will cover topics related to pharmaceutical science, food science, cannabis & hemp, environmental science, water quality, materials science, biomedical, laboratory Information/data analysis and more.

Monday through Wednesday
AM Sessions: 10:30a-12:00p
PM Sessions: 2:00p-3:30p

Need Help?

412-825-3220, x209

What are the benefits of hosting a Networking Session?

Increase awareness of a specific topic or issue important to you and your lab

Find solutions to a problem or brainstorm for new ideas

• Network with other professionals interested in and/or experienced with a topic
• Furthering yourself and your lab and brand by sharing your knowledge

Adding to your business network

Complimentary registration to Pittcon




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