Pittcon Q&A With the Experts

Laboratory Equipment
Pittcon Q & A With the Experts
Fri, 02/27/2015
Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

What Technologies and Trends Do You Expect to See at Pittcon 2015?.

Ahead of Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Taylor spoke with experts from exhibiting companies to get their take on what to expect at both this year’s Pittcon as well as future Pittcons.

“We expect Pittcon 2015 will continue to reinforce two complementary trends. First, the boundaries of analytical science—sensitivity and resolution—will reach new heights. Second, the design and form of analytical technologies will experience new levels of creativity and efficiencies. Both these trends are significantly expanding application ranges from the complex to the routine.” -Rohit Khanna, Vice President-Worldwide Marketing, Waters Corp.

“I believe that the world of analytical (and medical) science is on a journey from analysis in the laboratory to measurement at the point of sample—and I hope that this year’s Pittcon will reflect that trend.” -Stephen Tomisich, Director and CEO, Trajan Scientific and Medical

“We will see vendors increasingly leveraging new technologies like mobile and cloud computing. A clear trend will be toward integrated, user-friendly solutions that are application- or industry-specific to support current strategies, including biologics and quality.”-Daniela Jansen, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

“We expect to see instrument manufacturers continuing to major on providing industry-specific solutions. Small footprint tools, lab-on-a-chip technologies and holistic solutions are increasingly important. Addressing the needs of the biopharmaceuticals and the areas of genomics and DNA sequencing will also be a focus for the conference this year.” -Brian Dutko, President Americas, Malvern Instruments

“During Pittcon 2015, we expect to see more equipment that’s integrated into a lab’s network, as well as continual advancements toward making lab processes faster.“ -Paul Miller, National Laboratory Sales Manager, Miele