Pittcon President Reflects on the 2015 Conference

Laboratory Equipment
Mon, 03/16/2015
Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

Pittcon 2015 is officially in the books. The lab conference concluded Thursday, March 12 in New Orleans. The expo welcomed 919 exhibitors with 1,690 booths and an estimated 18,000 attendees. While there, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Taylor (MT) sat down with Pittcon 2015 President Charlie Holifield (CH) to get his thoughts on the 2015 conference and the overall industry.

MT: Every year, certain research themes come out of Pittcon. What themes have been apparent to you this year?

CH: One of the clear themes this year is research and products devoted to food safety. We’ve always had laboratory informatics as a section of our exposition, which helps conferees find where to spend their time. This year, we also added a section devoted to instrumentation to test food safety. There are several additional technical programs geared toward contamination identification in foods.

Continuing from other years, we have environmental themes, particularly water quality. Finally, with the advent of marijuana legalization in many states, we’re seeing an increase in way to test for cannabis potency and contamination.

MT: Overall, in you opinion, what is trending in the science industry?

CH: Researchers are demanding smaller samples and faster delivery of results using instruments with smaller footprints. We’re especially seeing our life sciences suppliers adapt to these demands with instruments that are faster than ever and require very small amounts of sample.