March 17 - 21, 2019
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittcon Demographics.

See why the numbers add up to Pittcon being a MUST-ATTEND event.

(Source: Experient, 2018 Registration Data) Previous attendance totals available upon request.

Anyone who identifies, quantifies, analyzes or tests the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, or who manages these laboratory scientists.

Year over year, Pittcon attracts the highest-quality attendees responsible for making purchasing decisions. Consider these numbers from Pittcon 2018:

  • 71% are involved in the purchasing process
  • 48% plan to make a purchase within 6 months
  • 44% are first time attendees
  • 44% are looking for products for multiple departments
  • 41% state the expo as the main reason to attend

Pittcon 2018 Demographics

    Demographics available soon.




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