March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Exhibitor Planning Webinar: Kicking Off Pittcon 2025
Focus on Planning: a webinars to help our exhibitors plan for a successful expo.

Join members of the Pittcon 2025 Team for a kickoff webinar to celebrate our first ever Pittcon in Bahston!

Preview the Floor plan and ordering process to find your special spot in time for booth sales opening May 1, with Exposition Manager Tim Ellison.
Learn about our refreshed sponsorships program with Client Relations & Acquisitions, Manager Colleen Ellison
See Exhibitor Resources and Upcoming Webinars
Hear how you and your customers can contribute to the Technical Program with 2025 Program Chair Brad, Davis
Get a glimpse of our enhanced Employment Service with 2025 Eomployment co-Chair, Josh Imperatore
Sneak a peek at the interactive things we have planned to drive attendance to the floor




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