February 24-28, 2024
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA

Forensics & Toxicology



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Introduction Forensic science is based on the idea that every interaction leaves a trace, so every crime leaves some evidence of the perpetrator. As a result, identifying and analyzing both known and unknown substances is a vital part of forensic science. In this way, justice often depends on reliable analytical...
Introduction Forensic evidence has become central to the criminal justice system for establishing the guilt or innocence of potential suspects, tracing the origins of illegal trade and determining whether or not crimes are related. Such evidence can increase the efficiency of a criminal investigation by narrowing down the search for...


In the search and recovery of human remains during mass disasters, homicides, and missing persons investigations, the odor evolved from decomposing bodies is crucial in the search process. One contributor to the odor evolved from remains are microorganisms, which contribute a portion of the chemicals released into the air. New...




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