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March 1-5, 2025



Call for Participation: YOUR Opportunity to Contribute

Symposia + Organized

Now accepting proposals for Symposia and Organized Sessions in all areas of analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy in all scientific disciplines.

Short Courses

We are now accepting Short Course proposals in all areas of analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy in a variety of scientific disciplines and professional development.

Call for Nominations

Nominate a colleague for one of our prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in the fields of analytical chemistry and/or applied spectroscopy .

The Pittcon Conference features cutting-edge research, diversity and inclusivity in speaker representation, and elevates research excellence over commercial endeavors.

Online Short Courses

Pittcon’s professional quality online Short Courses are an affordable opportunity for continuing education. All courses count towards building your Professional Hours.


Online Short Courses are offered April through December @ $250 per course.

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Wallace H. Coulter Lecture

2025 Wallace H. Coulter Lecture

Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D.

Regenerative Engineering:  The Frontier is Here

We are thrilled to announce our 2025 Coulter Lecturer, a distinguished individual who not only boasts a remarkable H-Index of 124 and a collection of prestigious awards showcasing his brilliance as a world-class scientist, but also brings a unique perspective as a highly successful entrepreneur. This rare combination of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial acumen promises an enlightening and inspiring experience for all attendees. Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of innovation and success with our distinguished guest speaker.

IMPORTANT Dates and Deadlines

  • 4-1-24
    Call for Symposia + Short Courses Open (Closes 7-1)
  • 5-1-24
    Call for Oral Abstracts + Posters Open (Closes 7-31)
  • 6-1-24
    Call for Networking Roundtables + Workshops Open (Closes 8-24)
  • 10-29-24
    Early Bird Registration Opens
  • 1-16-25
    Early Bird Registration Ends

Conference TRACKS

Bioanalytical & Life Science

Biological molecules and xenobiotics (drugs, toxins) and their metabolites; study of biological systems; biosensors; forensic science and toxicology

Cannabis & Psychedelic

Identification, quantitative measurement, extraction, and quality assurance of cannabis-based and psychedelic products

Environmental & Energy

Environmental detection and monitoring; energy production and storage; sustainability, climate, and green chemistry; food science/safety and agriculture

Instrumentation & Nanoscience

Instrumentation, detection, and sensors; laboratory information systems, data analysis, and artificial intelligence; characterization and processing of nanomaterials; art and archeology

Pharmaceutical & Biologics

Evaluating chemical composition and properties/activities of medicinal drugs and biologics; high-throughput screening and process control; drug discovery and design; personal care and consumer products

Professional Development

Leadership and power/soft skills; career navigation, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), communication, and entrepreneurship; education and teaching and more

March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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