Careers in Science & Managing the Search Process

Presented by Emil Gerardi
Managing Director, TESA Talent
December 15, 2021

How to master your next career interview process

The vast careers options for chemists/scientists

The definition and differences between an agency recruiter, an internal recruiter, a headhunter, a talent acquisition manager, and a hiring manager

The value of working with a good recruiter

Tips to locate the most appropriate search partner

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About Emil Gerardi

22 years of Executive Recruitment experience, including 4 years of internal HR with scientific instruments manufacturers: Shimadzu & Metrohm

Placed on 600+ critical positions in the laboratory sciences industry

Founded TESA Talent in 2017 to offer his project-based approach to enhance client recruitment processes in the industry he loves

TESA Talent offers niche industry expertise with a deep commitment and connection to positions involving laboratory capital equipment

TESA’s specialty: Technical Sales, Service, Applications and Marketing of Analytical Instruments and Life Sciences Lab Systems

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