Award Session: Monday, March 14

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Monday, March 14 1:00 pm EST

Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award
Awardee: Wei Gao, California Institute of Technology
Introduction: Amish Ghosh

Skin-Interfaced Wearable Sweat Biosensors
The rising research interest in personalized medicine promises to revolutionize traditional medical practices. This presents a tremendous opportunity for developing wearable devices toward predictive analytics and treatment. In this talk, I will introduce our efforts in developing fully-integrated skin-interfaced biosensors for non-invasive molecular analysis. Such wearable biosensors can continuously, selectively, and accurately measure a broad spectrum of sweat analytes including metabolites, electrolytes, hormones, drugs, and other small molecules. The clinical value of our wearable sensing platforms is evaluated through multiple human studies involving both healthy and patient populations toward physiological monitoring, nutritional monitoring, disease diagnosis, mental health assessment, and drug personalization. This talk will feature our recent works on self-powered battery-free electronic skins and mHealth-based biosensors for multiplexed COVID-19 diagnosis and management. These wearable and flexible devices could open the door to a wide range of personalized monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.

Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award
Awardee: Rohit Bhargava, Illinois University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Introduction: Amit Ghosh

Infrared Chemical Imaging: Advancing Measurement Technology to Enable Improved Cancer Pathology

    (abstract coming soon)

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