Webinar: Getting the Most From Pre-During-Post

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We are pleased to present, “GET THE MOST FROM PRE-DURING-POST” an exclusive webinar for Pittcon exhibitors and booth staff addressing pre, during and post-show marketing.

This webinar will help you improve your trade show participation, lead follow-up, and help you maximize your exhibiting ROI.

    You Will Learn…

    • How to increase traffic to your booth
    • How to engage and qualify booth visitors
    • How to assure 100% lead follow-up

Presenter – Richard Erschik

Richard Erschik has conducted more than 250 international seminar presentations, workshops and webinar presentations on the subject of effective trade show exhibiting and sales lead management as it relates to a company’s selling process.

He has been a featured speaker for the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas for the past 18 years. RichardErschik.com was named “One of the Most Innovative Companies in the Country” and a “Best Practice” in trade show marketing by American Airlines.

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