Waste Water Management and Analysis

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Presented by Jignasa Savjani, Institute of Pharmacy Nirma University
Tuesday, April 5, 2022 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $199

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In the present situation, it is of utmost importance to address wastewater management. This course aims to understand the wastewater treatment processes, advantages and disadvantages of the treatment processes. The course will also include different guidelines for analyzing wastewater pollutants, understanding the 40 CFR Part 136, EU guidelines, factors affecting wastewater management. Analytical approaches for the determination of organic and inorganic molecules and case studies. The course should refer to a broad audience involved in wastewater management.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The course intended to explain wastewater management, describe wastewater treatment, identify the factors involved in the treatment processes, practical approaches involved in the treatment processes.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The course is designed for individuals working in wastewater treatment, those working in environmental science, or anyone who wants to understand wastewater treatment, guidelines, and analysis.

TRACK: Environmental

CATEGORIES: Environmental Analysis, Green Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Water-Wastewater


About the Instructor

Dr. Jignasa Savjani is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India. She is the prestigious American Chemical Society grant recipient to attend and present research work during the Pittcon 2018 conference held in Orlando, USA. She has two Indian patents to her credits. In addition, she delivered various expert lectures on topics related to Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She has received financial assistance from CSIR and DST to present research work during international conferences in the USA. She published research and review articles in internationally reputed journals. Her research areas involve the cocrystallization approaches to enhance the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, Wastewater treatment using plasma technology.

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