March 8 - 12, 2021
Virtual Event

Your competition is exhibiting at Pittcon. Are you?

Why You Need To Exhibit: Now More Than Ever
Pittcon is a dynamic, transnational exposition and comprehensive technical conference, a venue for examining the latest advances in research and scientific instrumentation, and a platform for continuing education and career-enhancing opportunity.

Exposition Dates: Monday, March 8 – Wednesday, March 10
(Virtual Pittcon 2021 will be made available for viewing three months after the end of the conference, March 12 – June 12, 2021.)

Designed for Exhibitors
Don’t miss your opportunity to gain new leads, meet your sales goals, and spread brand and product awareness at a virtual conference and exposition designed for exhibitors and with
exhibitor input. Reserve your spot at Pittcon 2021 today and gain access to:

Attendee analytics and contact information
Matchmaking programming between exhibitors and attendees
In-booth and across-platform messaging and live chat capabilities
Flexible booth design to match your organization’s brand and style
In-booth documents, videos, images, and avatars
Live webinar and demonstration capabilities
Gamification to drive booth visits
Got My Booth – Now What?
Virtual Booth Info

Why You Need to Exhibit Now

Why Should I Exhibit Virtually?

The question is: Why wouldn’t you exhibit virtually? Now is the time to show customers that it’s “business as usual,” especially as we navigate toward the anticipated end of this pandemic. You cannot afford to miss the opportunity to stand out amongst the competition. As the saying goes: Out of sight is out of mind. Don’t start 2021 without promotion.

Is the Investment in a Virtual Show Worth It?

Exhibiting at a virtual show is a low-cost investment. Think about it: No airfare, no hotel expenses, no ground transportation, no entertainment and meals, no freight/shipping, etc… Your company is investing in a virtual booth alone. It costs less than a print ad, and yet the return can be so much more.

Why Have I Heard That Virtual Shows Don’t Work?

We’ve heard this, too. Most shows didn’t have the time to properly plan and execute their virtual show. Many shows failed to utilize attendee engagement and networking mechanisms. Almost all of the shows simply picked the wrong platform for their audience.

Fortunately, we took our time to research – we talked with our exhibitors, program participants, and attendees. We observed, we listened, and we eventually found the best virtual platform available – LabRoots whose platform was designed for the laboratory science industry and its diverse audience.

What Will Attendance Look Like?

Historically, Pittcon’s attendees are involved in major purchasing decisions. Nearly 75% of Pittcon’s annual attendance is comprised of purchasers while 50% of Pittcon’s annual attendance plans to make a purchase within 6 months of attending Pittcon.

Pittcon is promoting our 2021 to past attendees and to prospective attendees in new markets, in at least ten languages spanning the globe, and through novel promotional channels.

How Does Lead Retrieval Work?

As an exhibitor, your reps will have on-demand, real-time access to reports and information regarding booth visits, chat information, or any other booth activity. Additionally, full booth reports will be provided at the end of the live exposition period. These reports will include data such as booth visits, viewed booth content, content downloads, and click action information. These reports will also be provided weekly through June 12, 2021.

Virtual Shows Are So New, How Can It Be Effective?

Traditional sales and marketing channels no longer have the same impact they did even one year ago. Face-to-face interaction and email marketing are proving both unfeasible and unreliable in the midst of a global pandemic. As a result, novel and creative ways must be explored so that your products and services can be promoted to the right audience.

Enter the virtual exposition: a means by which promotion to targeted audiences and countering the competition is achieved.

How Do I Stand Out and Drive Attendees To My Booth?

Live webinars, product demonstrations, networking, and sponsorships are key to driving attendees to your booth.

We are working diligently with LabRoots to provide gamification, quick paths to the virtual expo, an in-show briefcase/inbox for scheduling, and direct engagement mechanisms.

We are also making it easier for exhibitors to interact with attendees through direct messaging capabilities, attendee information, and distinctive booth and demo add-ons.

How to Drive Traffic

Virtual Booth Pricing & Tier Differences

Pittcon’s four booth tiers allow from 2 to 12 reps to interface with attendees dynamically during live virtual event. Attendees can visit virtual booths, watch videos, download content on your company’s products and applications, and leave messages with your reps. Each rep can type or video chat with attendees visiting either one-on-one or through group video chats via Teams, Zoom or any virtual video software your company prefers. Additionally built-in functionality for in-depth seminars or demonstrations of your instruments, products, services and applications.

Standard in each tier: Real-time access for booth reps, within their rep dashboard. Downloadable, detailed lead reporting, including: chat history, watch list, and notes on attendees. Full booth reporting is also provided at the end of the live expo, which includes: booth visits, booth content views, downloads, and click-actions.

Price: $1995

click to view example image:
Price: $2995

click to view example image:
Price: $3995

click to view example image:
Price: $4995

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LabRoots Virtual Platform Tour

Sponsorship Opportunities
Extend your sales message and increase brand awareness before, during, and/or after Pittcon 2021.

Purchase Attendee Lists
Obtain a wide variety of mailing lists to target preferred customers ahead of time through direct mail.

Need to fill a position? View available candidate information, credentials and resumes during Pittcon.

Pittcon Exhibitor Webinars
ROI Webinars sponsored by Pittcon

How to Optimize Your
Pittcon Virtual Booth

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern

Driving Traffic To and
Successfully Working
Your Pittcon Virtual Booth

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern

Exhibitor and Attendee Profiles

Pittcon is for anyone who develops, buys, or sells laboratory equipment, performs physical or chemical analyses, develops analysis methods, or manages these scientists.

Product Profiles of Pittcon Exhibitors
  • Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment
  • Lab Automation
  • Life Science Techniques & Applications
  • Reagents and Consumables
  • Environmental Techniques & Applications
  • Laboratory Design & Furnishings
  • Cannabis Techniques and Analysis
  • Electroanalytical Techniques & Applications
  • Specialized Analytical Testing Services
  • Nanotechnology Techniques & Applications
  • Laboratory Personnel Services
  • Biopharma/Research and Clinical Diagnostics
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems
  • Food Analysis Techniques & Applications
  • Profiles of Pittcon Attendees

    Sectors Served
    Cannabis & Hemp
    Food Science & Agriculture
    Forensics & Toxicology
    Industry & Manufacturing
    Life Sciences
    Nanotechnology & Materials Science
    Scientific Disciplines
    Laboratory Automation
    Physical Measurements

    Booth Help & Tutorial Videos

    Need Technical Help with your Virtual Booth Grid and Process?
    Every Monday, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

    Join Pittcon’s Exposition Coordinator and a LabRoots associate on a zoom call designed to help address and answer general questions you may be having about your virtual booth. This call is open to all exhibitors who may need assistance completing their grid and next steps.

    Need help signing up for a booth? Please contact Stephanie Christman:

    Virtual Platform How-to Videos

    How To Drive Attendees To Your Booth

    The show floor is bustling with excitement at face-to-face expositions, and prospects are easily drawn to your booth with the right visuals and demonstrations. Driving engagement to your virtual booth requires a more proactive approach, as the virtual environment benefits those willing to utilize more creative engagement mechanisms.

    Hosting a virtual event at your booth? Pittcon wants to help you promote it before and during Pittcon.

    Event Request Form

    Here are some ideas to help you get started.

    Sponsorship Opportunities
    Extend your sales message and increase brand awareness to thousands of attendees before, during, and/or after Pittcon. Examples include:

    Digital advertising
    Lobby and website banner ads
    Logo callouts in auditoriums and/or sub-expo halls

    View Sponsorships

    Product or Service Demonstrations
    On surveys, Pittcon attendees routinely report they like to visit exhibitor booths to see demos of new products. Show our attendees how your product can solve problems or why they perform better than others. Examples include:

    Show how you use FTIR microscopy or Pyrolysis-GCMS to analyze microplastics polluting our oceans.
    Show how you can use LCMS to analyze persistent organic pollutants like PFAS.
    Show how you use UV/Vis spectroscopy to tell the color, IBU of your craft brew.
    Inform customers of the latest sample preparation techniques being employed in a particular industry.

    Learning Labs
    With virtual expositions, exhibitors who offer a takeaway experience like “how to” procedures that will help attendees at their daily job get more visitors. Takeaways that include a tip or trick or teach something useful are popular. Examples include:

    Present on how to choose the right mass analyzer for your lab’s HPLC.
    Show customers how to handle co-eluting peaks in your CDS software or by selecting a different column.
    Give a quick lecture on how to do analytical-preparative scale-up liquid chromatography.
    Help customers choose the best FTIR accessories for a range of different samples.
    Host a session with a MS, chromatography, or spectroscopy expert to ask any analytical question.
    Teach people a foolproof HPLC Method Development strategy.

    Maintenance Labs
    With virtual expositions, exhibitors who offer a takeaway experience like “how to” procedures that will help attendees at their daily job get more visitors. Takeaways that include routine maintenance tips are popular. Examples include:

    Show customers how to clip a GCMS column, and what to do to update retention times to go back into production.
    Show the best way to bring instruments safely back online after Covid19 lockdowns.
    Teach people how to recognize when their HPLC pumps need maintained and show them how to re-build them.
    Show customers how to change a GCMS filament or put a spare source on their GCMS.

    Social Engagement
    Connect with attendees naturally through these outside-the-virtual-box, entertaining engagement mechanisms.

    Happy hour with a mixologist or featuring a special drink recipe.
    Cooking demonstration with a guest chef and/or special dish recipe.
    Q&A with a guest speaker, an industry expert, or key member of your organization.
    Host a trivia contest or other online game(s).

    Pittcon 2021 Dates

    Pittcon 2021 Location

      Pittcon 2021 will be
      a Virtual Event

      — HIDE
      900 Convention Center Blvd
      New Orleans, LA 70130


      END HIDE —

    Future Dates
    2022 Atlanta, GA
    March 5-9
    2023 Philadelphia, PA
    March 18-22
    2024 San Diego, CA
    2025 Boston, MA
    2026 Philadelphia, PA
    2027 San Diego, CA
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