March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Call for Proposals
Submit Your 2024 Proposal
We are now accepting proposals for Invited Symposia and Organized Contributed sessions.

A few things the Pittcon Program Committee are looking for as we review submissions include:

Research and innovations that are timely and relevant to the west coast scientific community

A diversity of voices on the speaker list (industry, government, academia, entrepreneurs, experienced scientists, rising scientists, gender and racial and ethnic diversity, etc.)

Emphasis on fundamental and/or applied research and not a sales pitch.

The session descriptions that more strongly make the case in these three areas will have the best chance for a high-profile spot in the technical program.

Deadline to submit June 16

Submit Your Proposal Session Types

2024 Dates

Sunday, February 25
Monday, February 26
Tuesday, February 27
Wednesday,February 28

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA
Need Help?
(800) 825-3221, x209
(412) 825-3220, x209

What to Know Before Submitting

Organizer and optional co-organizer information

Type of proposal: Symposium or Organized Contributed

Short bio and headshot for promotion of the session

Working title for the session (can be updated later)

Track, application, and methodology associated with the session

2,000 character outline of the session

Names and contact information of the speakers you are suggesting (This list can be altered if the session is accepted.)

Session Types

Highly competitive with limited openings in the technical program. Symposia speakers will receive the highest level of recognition and reimbursement available for non-awardee Pittcon invited speakers. These sessions consist of 4 invited speakers as chosen by an organizer.

Organized Contributed
Second tier of the technical program. Still very competitive with up to 7 speakers as chosen by the organizer. Speakers are asked to limit their talks to 20 minutes unless otherwise decided by the Program Committee.

Pittcon Tracks

Bioanalytical & Life Science
Biological molecules and xenobiotics (drugs, toxins) and their metabolites; study of biological systems; biosensors; forensic science and toxicology
Cannabis & Psychedelic
Identification, quantitative measurement, extraction, and quality assurance of cannabis-based and psychedelic products
Environment & Energy
Environmental detection and monitoring; energy production and storage; sustainability, climate, and green chemistry; food science/safety and agriculture
Instrumentation & Nanoscience
Instrumentation, detection, and sensors; laboratory information systems, data analysis, and artificial intelligence; characterization and processing of nanomaterials; art and archeology
Pharmaceutical & Biologic
Evaluating chemical composition and properties/activities of medicinal drugs and biologics; high-throughput screening and process control; drug discovery and design; personal care and consumer products
Professional Development
Leadership and power/soft skills; career navigation, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), communication, and entrepreneurship; education and teaching and more




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