Successful Scientific Writing

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Presented by Dottie Li, TransPacific Communications
Tuesday, September 20, 2022 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $250

COURSE DESCRIPTION: When scientific writing is not clear, concise, and understandable, readers get confused. This leads to errors, misunderstandings, and stress in working relationships. This hands-on writing workshop provides practical techniques for ensuring scientific communications are clear, understandable, well-planned, well-organized, and succinct. It also teaches a methodical system for planning one’s writing, determining one’s audience, outlining a document, and revising and submitting it for review and approval, while providing guidance on overcoming writer’s block, using writing time productively, and meeting deadlines more easily. Participants also learn about the basic structure of common types of scientific documents, such as research papers, progress reports, and procedures. This training enables participants to plan, write, and revise their writing more quickly, with fewer delays, while ensuring that their writing is clear and concise, high-quality, and well-organized.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Scientists, researchers, reviewers, technicians, lab managers, STEM professionals wish to have more clarity and power in their presentation. It will benefit scientists from college graduates to professionals in any scientific field.

• 12 strategies for achieving clear scientific writing in English
• 5 proven techniques to organize your documents and your paragraphs so they flow
• Using a quantitative metric to measure and enhance the readability of writing
• Exploring the “10 C’s” of Effective Writing
• Techniques for using English transition phrases to make writing flow smoothly
• The 40 Most commonly confused words in scientific English
• Reliable sentence templates for specific scientific documents

TRACK: Food Science/Agriculture

CATEGORIES: Microscopy, Nanoscience, Statistics, Technical Writing, Water-Wastewater


About the Instructor

Dottie Li is a successful cross-cultural communication strategist, keynote speaker and coach, designing and providing media training and cross-cultural communication coaching. She has conducted numerous seminars, workshops and presentations on the importance of effective communication. Her work has been featured on NPR, China Daily and many media outlets. She is a certified trainer and coach on accent modification and reduction. Her voice can be heard by millions as the Voice and Voice Coach of Rosetta Stone’s Mandarin products. Her mission at Transpacific Communications is helping break down cultural and communication barriers, ensuring that talented individuals (especially non-native English professionals) fulfill their promise.

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