Foldscope as a Teaching Tool

Foldscope provides a low cost and convenient way for teachers to give students a visual demonstration of the microscopic world of which they learn in their textbooks. Slides can be displayed on mobile phones or projected for classrooms.

Make the Journey Your Own

With so many possibilities and so much untapped potential, we want to help you bring Foldscope into the classroom. Pittcon is offering $250 e-gift cards to teachers to use for purchasing Foldscope kits and accessories.

We know teachers are burned-out virtually, so we're making getting your gift card as easy as possibe. Just review the eligibility requirements and complete our survey. That's it - no pressure. But don’t delay, as gift cards are limited and will not be offered after June 11, 2021.


Once you complete the survey, you'll receive instructions on how to obtain your Foldscope. Then you can take the summer to figure out how best to introduce the instrument into your classroom. The only limation is your imagination.


Let our knowledge base of videos, tutorials, lesson plans, and galleries guide the way.

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Sample Lesson Plans

Flora & Fauna

Have students find something natural that they find interesting: one liquid and one solid.


View four crystals under magnification; Sugar (C12H22011), Salt (NaCl), Epsom salts [MgSO4.7H2O], and Alum [Al2(SO4)3.12H2O]

Human vs Frog Blood

The main difference between human blood cells and frog blood cells is that human red blood cells lack nuclei, whereas frog blood cells contain nuclei.

Human and Frog Lab Comparison

Identify differences between frog and human red blood cells by comparing slides of frog and human red blood cells.

Microscopic Identification of Fibers

Among microscopic tests and chemical tests, microscopic tests are mainly used for identifying natural fiber . This visual test can identify natural fibers more easily than manmade ones. 

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