About Science Week

Each year through Science Week, Pittcon offers outreach and support programs for science education in the city that hosts its annual convention.

Some of the ways Science Week enhances science educators include:

Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops are designed to help teachers implement fun experiments into their classrooms. Participants receive instruction and, depending on the workshop, even supplies and materials to help them perform some of the educational experiments in their own classrooms.

Classroom Equipment Grants

Equipment grants are available for teachers who attend a Teacher Workshop. These grants enable teachers to purchase equipment demonstrated in the workshops or other science-related equipment of their choice from select companies.

Student Workshops

Student Workshops are designed for primary students in grades 1-6. These hands-on workshops will lead participants through the exciting process of experimentation and discovery.

Science Week is sponsored by Pittcon

Pittcon is a dynamic, transnational exposition and comprehensive technical conference showcasing the latest advances in research and scientific instrumentation,

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