Safety in the K-12 School Science Classroom

Presented by Rajeev Santhappa, MD
Thursday, June 9, 2022 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Zoom presentation

What Will You Learn:
1. Why most state departments of education have no requirement to know anything about science safety to become a certified school science teacher?
2. How to motivate colleagues and student to pay more attention to science safety?
3. How to recognize the nine major hazards (including biological and chemical) in a school science classroom and where to find more information.
4. How to identify the things that might go wrong and how to be prepared?
5. What are the prudent practices, protective facilities, and PPE needed to minimize the risk?
6. How to find out who can help them in their school system or their county?
7. How to store and dispose of materials that they use?
8. The proper use of safety equipment—hot plates, scalpels, flames, goggles, fire extinguishers, eyewashes, blankets

Who Should Attend: K-12 Science teachers, supervisors, department heads, and anyone wishing to have a more effective science safety program.

What Will You Do: Engage in active group discussions and Q&A sessions.

What Will You Receive:
1. A PDF of the PowerPoint Slides
2. A science safety program review checklist
3. A science classroom inspection checklist
4. Many other additional photocopies handouts (about 20)
5. Follow-up support from LSI to help you improve your lab safety program
6. A list of your state’s agencies and associations that can help you and help answer your questions.

Standards Addressed: Georgia: State Right to Know – PEHCPA and OSHA Laboratory Standard, 29CFR1910.1450

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Rajeev Santhappa, MD, is a Lab Safety Instructor who also serves as President and Executive Director of the Laboratoty Safety Institute in Natick, MA. Dr. Santhappa has a strong background in science, medicine and marketing. His hardworking, positive, and professional attitude makes him an effective instructor and a valuable member of the LSI team.