Q&A with Symposium Speaker Jesse Bischof

Dr. Jesse Bischof
Research Scientist with SilcoTek Corporation
Thursday, November 30

Invited Session: Surface Modifications and Coatings in Chromatography
Track: Instrumentation & Nanoscience

Join Dr. Jesse Bischof, Research Scientist with SilcoTek Corporation, for an informal Q&A. Dr. Bischof is an organizer of a Symposium for Pittcon 2024 in the Instrumentation & Nanoscience track. During this Coffee Break, you’ll get a preview of his symposium, “Surface Modifications and Coatings in Chromatography.” You’ll learn how Dr. Bischof got into this field of research and his history at Pittcon. Dr. Bischof will also share some tips for making the most out of Pittcon and/or San Diego. Have a question for Dr. Bischof? You’ll get an opportunity to ask!

This Coffee Break will be moderated by Dr. Bradley Davis, Pittcon 2024 Instrumentation & Nanoscience Track Leader and Associate Professor of Chemistry at Waynesburg University.

About Jesse Bischof

Jesse Bischof began his career teaching high-school chemistry before returning to graduate school at Penn State where he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry. Upon completion of his degree in 2016, Jesse began his role as a scientist in SilcoTek’s research and development department. Currently, Jesse’s research is focused on developing and optimizing bio-inert and anti-metal leaching surface coatings for analytical, biopharmaceutical, energy, and medical applications.

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