Q&A with Short Course Instructor, Tania Sasaki

Dr. Tania Sasaki
Chief Science Officer with Research Scientist with Confidence Analytics
Tuesday, December 12

Short Course: Cannabis Testing Bootcamp
Track: Cannabis & Psychedelic

Join Dr. Tania Sasaki, Chief Science Officer with Research Scientist with Confidence Analytics, for an informal Q&A. Dr. Sasaki is an instructor for a Pittcon 2024 Short Course in the Cannabis & Psychedelics track. During this Coffee Break, you’ll get a preview of her short course, “Cannabis Testing Bootcamp.” You’ll learn how Dr. Sasaki got into this field of research and her history at Pittcon. Dr. Sasaki will also share some tips for making the most out of Pittcon and/or San Diego. Have a question for Dr. Sasaki? You’ll get an opportunity to ask!

This Coffee Break will be moderated by Dr. Diane Miller, Pittcon 2024 Cannabis & Psychedelics Track Leader and Associate Professor of Chemistry at Seton Hill University.

About Tania Sasaki

Dr. Tania Sasaki received her B.A. in chemistry from Pomona College (Claremont, CA) and her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of California (Riverside, CA). She has over 20 years of chromatography-mass spectrometry experience in several areas, including metabolite identification, clinical, forensic toxicology, and cannabis testing. Dr. Sasaki has worked for several start-up clinical laboratories and joined Confidence Analytics, a cannabis testing laboratory in Redmond, WA and Grover Beach, CA, as their Chief Science Officer in 2018. Her extensive experience in LC-MS/MS, toxicology, and cannabis testing is demonstrated through the articles she has authored, presentations at national and international conferences, and invitations to instruct training courses and webinars. She served as a member of the WA State Cannabis Science Task Force and teaches a course, QA and QC in Medical Cannabis Analysis & Dispensing, at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA).

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