Primer on XRF Spectrometry: Theory, Instrumentation and Applications

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Presented by Alexander Seyfarth, SGS North Americas Minerals Division
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $250

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A short introduction into X-RAY SPECTROSCOPY to understand principle, current instrumentation and calibration approaches. As XRF can be used on solid samples without digest and can analyze non destructively it has proliferated as portable technology in industry and manufacturing! XRF is a mainstay for cement industry, high alloyed steel, brass and super alloys. Petrochemical applications are not just limited to ultra low sulfur and chlorine but covers catalysts and lubes. Commercial labs use XRF for a wide range of commodities and screenings. Feed and Agri applications support precision Agriculture and highly complex matrices such as animal waste and soil. Coating thickness and Complex layer stack analysis with XRF can be found in Solar and new battery application but also on aerospace and faucet manufacturing!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers, Supervisors with XRF in their area, People selecting analytical services and equipment and any one with an aging XRF who is looking to replace it!

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After attending the course you be familiar with the X-Ray spectroscopic principles and be able to understand the different types of XRF analyzers: EDX, WDX, TXRF, HD-XRF, PXRF! As XRF is an indirect method, you will understand the need for reference material and the power of a technique which can predict and correct for matrix effects (Fundamental Parameters). Rounded of some application examples top show the pay back for XRF!

TRACK: Industry/Manufacturing

CATEGORIES: Analytical Metrology, Spectroscopy, Teaching Analytical Chemistry, X-Ray Spectrometry


About the Instructor

Alexander Seyfarth is an x-ray spectroscopist with over 20 years of experience with XRF and XRD. Alexander holds a Master degree in Mineralogy from University Giessen (1996). Since 2017 he is the Global Technical Manager for XRF in the Natural Resources division of SGS S.A. world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. At SGS is driving the standardization of XRF methods as well as the addition of new services with portable and benchtop units as part of Field Analytical Services and Technology (FAST) including pXRF, pNIR, FTIR, XRD and LIBS.

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