Introduction to Modeling for Teaching Physics

Presented by Frank Lock & Scott Thomas
Thursday, June 9, 2022 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Want to learn why Modeling is effective in teaching Physics (and other sciences) and how to do it? Attend this FULL-DAY workshop.

Segment 1: Introduction

  • Intro Frank & Scott
  • Buggy Lab Pre-Lab
  • Breakout- design experiment in Student mode – 10 min
  • Segment 2:

  • Intro to Modeling
  • Modeling Cycle
  • Model building – allow variation in lab design (seed ideas if needed)
  • Model deploying
  • (Model breaking?)
  • Give sample Data -> make a plot of data and Develop equation of data (10 min)
  • Segment 3:

  • Structure of Whiteboard meeting of lab results
  • Buggy lab demo/analysis?
  • Work on WS – share to online space
  • LUNCH BREAK (note: lunch is provided)

    Segment 4:

  • Structure of Whiteboard meeting of a worksheet
  • Whiteboard results of WS
  • Overall storyline of Mechanics v2013
  • Segment 5:

  • Demo many if not all of the experiments—see list below**
  • Discuss low budget vs. high budget versions – Phet Simulation/online video lab platform
  • Other storylines
  • “No modeling police”
  • Energy first – Kelly O’Shea
  • Momentum first
  • Segment 6:

  • Other materials–Thermo, E&M, Rotation, Gases/Fluids, Waves/Sound, Relativity, Optics, Modern
  • Other Subjects–Chem, Bio, Earth/Space, Middle School
  • Other Resources– AMTA site, ASU site, blogs, twitter hashtags, discord, listserv, etc.
  • Summary/Recap – Share Post of workshop list from AMTA Website
  • Target Audience: Mainly high school physics teachers, but other interested teachers can benefit

    **Demonstrations (see segment 5)
    Unit 1: Pendulum
    Unit 2: Buggy Lab
    Unit 3: Vernier Smart cart on ramp
    Unit 4: Spring Scale Lab – F_G vs. Delta x Hovercraft activities?
    Unit 5: Modified Atwood Machine
    Unit 6: Video Analysis – Ball toss
    Unit 7: Spinning Mass
    Unit 8: Smart Cart spring launch up a ramp
    Unit 9: Smart Cart explosion

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    Frank Lock has taught physics and chemistry for 35 years. He has presented numerous sessions and workshops, and he is an AMTA Modeling Workshop Facilitator. From 2014 to 2018, he served as a PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence (part-time) in the Georgia State University Physics and Astronomy Department.

    Scott Thomas earned his B.S. and M. Ed. from the University of Notre Dame, and he has taught Biology, Physics, AP Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science at Bishop Kenny HS in Jacksonville, FL since 1999. He has presented numerous Modeling workshops in the Boston area as an AMTA Modeling Workshop Facilitator.