Pittcon 2015 Provides Breadth and Depth

Drug Discovery News
February 2015
By Lloyd Dunlap

Pittcon maintains its reach into pharma, biotech and life sciences while adding a new focus on a younger demographic.

NEW ORLEANS — DDNews pre-show features always aim to inform our readers about what’s new and important about the upcoming event—in effect, to answer the question, “Why should I attend?” This year, in this introduction, we’ve added a very contemporary measure—what’s trending at Pittcon 2015? To find out, we asked Senior Marketing Communications Specialist Marian Nardozzi.

“I think the main concept here is how we use social media to build and expand our reach to expose new people and the ‘younger’ audience who might not know about Pittcon—pre-show, during the event and post-show. I guess the short of it is that these social network platforms are serving as tools to keep people informed about the conference on many levels.” “We are definitely reaching the younger demographic. As a side note, among Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we have twice as many followers as Facebook. Our numbers across all platforms are steadily rising each month,” Nardozzi adds. “Perhaps altering the equation, we are also using Facebook this year as a registration tool to have the ability to register directly from Facebook or for followers to send the registration to others in their group. We have found that the number-one way that new Pittcon conferees have found out about Pittcon is through colleague referral, and social networks greatly impact this process in a positive way.”

Also, Nardozzi says, that means exhibitors use it before and during conference week as a platform to let conferees know that they will be at Pittcon and what they will have going on in their booths.