Pesticide Workflow Solutions

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Presented by Sharon Lupo & Joe Konschnik,
Tuesday, January 11 & Tuesday, January 25, 2022 12:00 PM EST
Cost: Free

ABSTRACT: There are a lot of steps required in order to analyze pesticides in food. Between prepping the samples and doing both gas and liquid chromatography analyses, the workflows are long. In this series of two workshops, we’ve brought together our latest developments for these critical analyses.

In our first module, we will begin by comparing and contrasting food homogenization techniques and share with you one that we have found to be the most effective for a vast array of food matrices. We’ll also have a discussion to help you determine what sample prep techniques might work best for your samples.

In the second module, we’ll share information on how to speed up the analyses with low-pressure gas chromatography (LPGC) and through incorporating in-line sample preparation (ILSP) in to LC. We’ll begin with comparing LPGC to other common ways to speed up GC-MS analysis and showing how easy it is to install and maintain. We will also show examples of how much faster LPGC is for pesticide analysis. Next, we’ll explain how ILSP uses the power of an LC-MS/MS to streamline and automate sample extract cleanup. In this presentation, learn the science behind ILSP and how to automate your current multiresidue pesticide workflow in an interactive format that will give you the knowledge you need to transform your instrument into an analytical workhorse.

Join us for this pair of interactive workshops to learn how to supercharge your pesticide analysis.

About Sharon Lupo

Sharon Lupo joined Restek in 2010 as an LC Applications Chemist. While in this position, she focused on developing LC-MS/MS applications and providing LC technical support for the environmental, food safety, and clinical markets. Currently Sharon is a Senior Scientist for the LC Product Development group and uses her market knowledge and analytical skills to develop new and innovative LC products. Sharon has over 20 years of experience in the field of liquid chromatography. Prior to joining Restek, she was as a Principal Investigator, Study Director and analytical chemist for GLP and GMP regulated environmental, bioanalytical, and pharmaceutical studies.

About Joe Konschnik

In his role as Restek’s business development manager for the global food and agriculture market, Joe applies his 36 years of analytical chemistry experience toward observing market needs, overseeing technical content development for new applications, and identifying new technologies and product opportunities. After receiving his BS in public/environmental health, Joe spent the next 19 years of his career working for some of the nation’s largest environmental testing laboratory companies. As an analytical chemist, he performed methods for analysis of organic and inorganic contaminants in water, soil, and air matrices and gained experience in sample collection, preparation, and analysis. Joe has been an employee-owner with Restek for nearly 18 years and has been an invited speaker on sampling and analytical chemistry topics globally. Joe serves in volunteer leadership roles for several industry-related organizations: he is board chair of the Independent Laboratories Institute (ILI); an executive committee member of the food sciences section of the American Council of Independent Labs (ACIL); and past chair of the sampling and laboratory analysis committee (SLAC) of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Joe is also an active member of AOAC International, NACRW, and AOCS.