Nominate Your Company For The Pittcon Today Excellence Awards

November 9, 2016 – Pittcon is pleased to announce the unveiling of the Pittcon Today Excellence Awards, a series of honors designed to recognize ingenuity and innovation at this year’s conference. For the first time in the conference’s more than sixty year history, the awards will take place in advance of the March event, giving both exhibitors and judges the opportunity to take a deep dive into what innovation looks like in today’s scientific landscape.

Finalists of the Pittcon Today Excellence Awards will be selected by a blue chip panel of experts, including leading voices in academia and industry publications, who will evaluate entries based on ingenuity, creativity, implementation and outcomes, with the principal criterion being the product’s projected impact on the industry and the wider public. The awards, which are open to all exhibitors, will culminate in a special awards ceremony recognizing gold, silver and bronze winners across the three business categories.