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European Pharmaceutical Review
6 March 2017
By Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

Global profiling of the samples
Metabolites – looking at host metabolome, gut microbiome, nutribiome and xenobiome
LC-MS for lipids
CE-MS for polar and ionic compounds
GC-MS – small molecules that can be made volitile
Want to have several analysis with different techniques and consider time and cost
Goal: obtaining methods with increased metabolite coverage from small samples with minimal treatment and one single instrumental technique
Want to be able to test all compounds in one vial only, small sample of 20 microlitres, HPLC auto sampler injects directly from vial.
to prove the capability of idenitification they used a model of diabetic rat – could identify many more lipids with this method
Currently doing a study of extreme sport – data collection pre and post exposure to exercise – to help compare the metabolites and metabolic features towards the proteome – ether phase (non-polar molecules) and aqueous phase (polar molecules) are both done in the same vial.

Aim was to investigate the suitability and utility of IVDE for single extraction of HDL and LDL samples, using the sample for lipidomics and proteomics Why? importance of lipids in the biological process, plus it shortens the time for analysis drastically
IVDE can be successfully applied to the analysis of plasma split into two phases with two polarites, paper collected samples, tissue homogenates, HDL and LDL, both lipids and proteins.