LC Chromatography Troubleshooting Challenge

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Presented by Conner McHale
Advanced Materials Technology
Tuesday, December 14, 2021 12:00 PM EST
Cost: Free

ABSTRACT: HPLC is the most common separation technique used in laboratories across the world. However, even experienced analysts that are familiar with HPLC concepts and principles can fall victim to chromatographic pitfalls that arise. This interactive webinar will highlight the basic theory behind chromatography and show examples of what to do when problems arise. Some common issues that will be discussed are misshapen peaks, unstable baselines, problems with reproducibility, and the observance of irregular back pressure. Come prepared to test your knowledge with questions along the way and see if you’ll earn the title of chromatography wizard!

About Conner McHale

Conner McHale earned his B.A in Chemistry from West Virginia University. He is with the technical support group at Advanced Materials Technology where for over 6 years has focused on quality assurance, instrument maintenance, and HPLC applications. Conner has developed over 100 HALO® application notes. Prior to joining AMT Conner gained experience in food science, specifically winery science where he was responsible for testing and monitoring the wine making process at a local winery. This included yeast preparation, monitoring fermentation temperatures, measuring brix levels, cleaning, and bottling – and of course sampling!