Latest DryLab® Software Functionalities Showcasing at Pittcon 2019

Chromatography Online
January 25, 2019

Pittcon is one of North America’s largest annual conferences and expositions on laboratory science and this year will take place from 17-21 March at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

The Molnár-Institute team, headed by Dr Imre Molnár, will present the latest applications of the DryLab® software in modelling liquid chromatographic separations at booth 3201.

As part of the software’s new systematic design capabilities, the automation module can create method sets in the most efficient order, execute runs and acquire results from the respective Chromatographic Data System (CDS). Mass and other integrated data is retrieved to minimise ambiguity in peak tracking. Automated zoom algorithm presents clear-cut chromatograms while a peak alignment option allows peak movement to be identified across varying method conditions.