ISO 17025 Preparing for Lab Accreditation

ISO 17025 Preparing for Lab Accreditation

Siri Segalstad
Segalstad Consulting AS
Course: Short Course #105

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 Day Course

Date: 3-9/3-10 / Wednesday-Thursday

Fee: $1450

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Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in ISO 17025 either because they have decided to apply for an accreditation in their lab, or because t

Course Description

Labs wanting to be accredited through the Lab Accreditation standard ISO 17025 will benefit from this class, where the whole standard will be explained. The result is a practical class with many examples of how to understand and solve the requirements in the standard: • Requirements in the standard • How to create the quality system • How to handle traceability and confidentiality • What to do with the IT systems? • How to handle contracts • How to cooperate with the customers Application categories: All types of calibration labs and analytical labs, both chemistry and other types of labs.