How to Regain Market Visibility and Tackle the Top Challenges Facing Exhibitors Right Now

Recorded: Thursday, November 30, 2022

As Pittcon fully re-opens in the wake of pandemic and now facing high inflation, what are the top concerns and challenges exhibitors are voicing right now? Based on polling exhibitors in live webinars, conducting LinkedIn research, and monitoring exposition industry news and data, tradeshow productivity expert Jefferson Davis is keeping the pulse on the top challenges exhibitors are voicing with regard to live expos.

Learn practical strategies and techniques you can apply to regain market visibility and tackle top challenges as you prepare for success at Pittcon.

Topics include:

    Why Getting Back in Front of Analytic Chemists is Important and How Pittcon Will Help You Do It
    Top Challenges Exhibitors Are Voicing
    Gain More Control Over Exhibit Spending & Save Money in Spite of Increasing Costs
    How to Make Sure Your Exhibit Attracts Enough of the Right People
    How to Cost-Justify Your Investment & Plan for Exhibiting ROI
    Define Your Outcomes & Strategically Plan for Results
    Critical Factors Every Exhibitor Needs to Address to Succeed
    Use Pittcon’s Exhibitor Success & ROI Center to Improve Your Performance & ROI

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