How to Improve Tradeshow Lead Quality & Sales Conversion to Drive ROI

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm Eastern

“If exhibiting ROI is the name of your game, lead management is your playbook” says leading tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis. This all-new, perfectly timed exhibitor webinar will share the unique perspectives and strategic practices successful exhibitors use to manage tradeshow leads. You’ll learn how to set reach, but realistic lead goals, how to quickly improve the quality of each lead you capture, and how to get your sales, dealers, or distributors to follow-up and report lead conversion.

Topics include:

    Exhibitor lead management challenge: shocking statistics on what is really happening with tradeshow leads
    Formulas for calculating lead cost and revenue opportunity
    Four phases of a “closed-loop” lead management process
    Clearly defining what is and what isn’t a lead
    Mathematical formula for setting specific lead goals
    Determining the best lead information to capture
    How to get your sales team/distributors to support your lead management process
    Four generations of lead capture devices and how to choose which is best for you
    How to customize your lead capture device to get more quality information
    Overview of PITTCON lead capture systems
    How to create an easy-to-apply lead grading system
    The critical roles of a lead captain
    Strategies for improving lead routing, lead follow-up and building accountability for follow-up and reporting.

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