Lights, Camera, Science!

Featuring Ray Euler, University of Pittsburgh


Come join us for a deep dive into a sea of electrons as we ride some electromagnetic waves on our journey to discover light and its interaction with matter. An illuminating experience ranging from chemiluminescence and fluorescence to flame tests and fireworks, studying the nature of light is sure to provide something for everyone…so sit back, relax (to ground state), and enjoy “Lights, Camera, Science!”


The 2021 Faraday Lecture was filmed at the Chevron Science Center , University of Pittsburgh. The SACP and SSP thank the Pitt Chemistry Department for use of their facility.

Sponored by SACP/SSP and Pittcon

The Faraday Lecture is one of the outreach programs produced by the SACP and SSP.  Visit us for a full list of educational programming and collaborative networking opportunities, along with a wide range of awards and grants from Primary to Professional.

SACP/SSP members come together to manage Pittcon, the world's leading annual conferences and exposition of laboratory science. Pittcon 2022 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5 -9, 2022.

Faraday Lecture: Lights, Camera, Science!

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