March 18-22, 2023
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Pittcon Park Experiences
Pittcon Park, located in the middle of the exposition floor, will engage all the senses and will be an experience that attendees won’t want to miss. In addition to providing places to rest or grab lunch, the park offers several exciting activities in which conferees can participate.

Pittcon Booth

Grab your Pittcon 2021 giveaways, learn more about Pittcon 2021 in New Orleans, and make a fresh luggage tag. Plus, take home a souvenir photo from the Pittcon Photo Booth, enter your Passport entree and more!

    Visit Booth #3029

Headshot Lounge

Need a new professional headshot? Perfect for corporate photos, LinkedIn profiles or a business card. Stop by and leave with a complimentary professional-quality headshot!

    Visit Booth #4529

Lab Gauntlet

Test your lab skills on a series of short, fun, one-minute challenging lab activities. Prizes will be awarded daily for the best scores. Those who run the gauntlet will receive a free t-shirt.


Immerse yourself in interactive product demonstrations located on the expo floor covering a wide variety of topics. Ask questions — get answers. See the latest and greatest.

Tech Hub

Charge your phone, catch up on work, host a small meeting, or access the Pittcon App . All at the state-of-the-art Tech Hub.

    Visit Booth #4229

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A theater of interactive presentations providing education, entertainment, networking, and more! Companies from all over the world will share research and ideas on how to make your lab more productive.

Appreciation Station

Take the opportunity to thank someone who encouraged you to pursue your scientific career…whether it was an teacher or professor, or your parent or colleague. Utilize the complimentary postcards located within the Pittcon Booth.

    Visit Booth #3029

Pittcon Planetarium

No rocket necessary for this space exploration! This 14-feet tall, full-dome experience will take you to the far reaches of the galaxy without ever leaving the expo floor. Two different planetarium shows to explore; Starhopping and Our Solar System.

Tuesday & Thursday Show
[expand title=”Starhopping – Finding Your Way in the Night Sky” swaptitle=”CLOSE”]
Starhopping is the practice of using readily locatable planets or constellations as reference points for finding other features of interest in the night sky. Our planetarium program allows participants to observe the sky, planets, various constellations and individual stars from any point on the surface of the earth, at any year or time of day and at any rate of elapsing time. We will use these capabilities to explore the night sky from different perspectives within the northern hemisphere and show how relatively obtuse astronomy concepts can be made tangible by the innovative use of the planetarium software.

Wednesday Show
[expand title=”Our Solar System – What You May Not Know” swaptitle=”CLOSE”]
This program focuses on the Sun and planets of our solar system, both individually and in concert. We will look at our solar system from different perspectives in space to better appreciate the orbits and motions of our planets. We will also explore the Sun and each of the planets to discuss their similarities, differences, mysteries, recent discoveries and special features or behaviors that make each of these bodies unique.

    Tickets only $5. To reserve your spot, you’ll need to RSVP through the registration portal.





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