February 24-28, 2024
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA

Lab Gauntlet
Test your lab skills on a series of short, fun, one-minute challenging lab activities. Prizes will be awarded daily for the best scores. Those who run the gauntlet will receive a t-shirt.

The Lab Gauntlet is located in Park #2 Booth 3108

Imaging and Analysis Match Game

Match the electron microscope image or chemical composition data to an energy-related sample: Lithium-ion battery, hydrocarbons in petroleum, catalysts, and more. Match 4 and win a prize! JEOL imaging and analysis solutions include Scanning Electron Microscopes, Transmission Electron Microscopes, NMR Spectrometry, or Mass Spectrometry.
Spot the Difference Game

Regis Technologies
Participants will correctly spot all differences in a pair of photos within one minute to successfully complete the challenge.
Guess the Bottle Capacity

Qorpak, a division of Berlin Packaging
Can you guess the bottle capacity by looking at it? Try your luck and receive a Qorpak pen.
Jewelry Charm Danger – Find the Lead!

Bruker Corporation
Find the Lead in children’s jewelry. Lead has historically been used in jewelry to solder pieces together, to increase weight, to brighten colors, and even to stabilize or soften plastic. Select one of the charms available to see if you can determine which is safe and which is dangerous. Our CTX Analyzer will help you know if you’re correct!
Micro Size Me Hero’s

Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.
We challenge participants to identify our Micro-sized science hero’s. Using crisp imagery from a database that has been scanning populations of evil particles trying to over throw our hero science masterminds.
Hit the 50/50 – Particle Sizing Challenge

Create an exact bi-modal distribution of particle size fractions from two sample powders. Particles with known, but different diameters and densities. Use a spatula to take small amounts from each powder, mix in a small vessel provided. Guesstimate, by hand, no scales or other measurement devices. Use the Q.ANT Particle Sensor to verify that you have created a 50/50 (Vol%) mix with a bi-modal distribution. Participants who come closest to 50/50 win the prize.
Through the Microscope – Identify the Unknown Sample

McCrone Group
In under a minute, successfully pair each of the 20 photomicrograph cards to their respective identification cards.
Do You Matter? Per Cubic Centimeter

Anton Paar USA
Samples will be placed on the table. Participants will be able to hold them and manipulate them, etc. They will be tasked to put the samples in order from most dense to least dense. Everyone who gets the order right in the allotted time will be eligible for a prize.




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