March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Lab Gauntlet
Test your lab skills on a series of short, fun, one-minute challenging lab activities. Those who run the gauntlet will receive a t-shirt.

The Lab Gauntlet is located in Park One: Booth 1315
Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Match the Polymers

Take the One-Minute Molecule challenge and match our series of polymer molecules at the JEOL table. Our polymer theme this year includes a mini LEGO® scientist gift and in our booth #1923 you can help a professional LEGO artist piece together a giant custom mosaic!
Which Analyzer Does What?

Veolia – Sievers Instruments
Sievers Instruments by Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions manufactures analyzers that test for Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Bacterial Endotoxins, Rapid Bioburden, Conductivity, and Boron. So Which Analyzer Does What? You’ll be given 7 clues and will need to match them with the correct analyzer. When you’ve matched them all, you’ll know the answer!
Surmise the Sustainable Solution

Qorpak, a division of Berlin Packaging
Participants are to guess the sustainable material from the available assortment.
Poison Book Challenge

Bruker Corporation
Can you guess which of these books has arsenic – thus toxic?
Two books will be available for comparison testing. Data from prior analysis will be in chart for challenger to compare his/her guess results.
Representative Sample Heros Thwart Analytical Mishaps!

Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.
Using our rotary cone sample divider and vibratory feeder participates are challenged to obtain and match our representative sample on display. They will be feeding different sized beads into the sample divider using the feeder and this demonstrates how to obtain an homogenous sample that is representative of your whole batch which is crucial for accurate testing results.
The 1 Minute Nice Logger App Challenge!

AZ Instrument Corp.
After downloading the “Nice Logger” app from Playstore or the App Store, the participant will need to figure out how to use the App to download the recorded data in 1 minute.




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