Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2018
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida, USA

Exhibitor-Distributor Network.

Business-to-business networking service connecting manufacturers and distributors.

Business-to-Business Network

The Exhibitor-Distributor Network is a business-to-business networking service that brings together companies from around the world.

This network is meant to help small to mid-size companies develop global business relationships by connecting manufacturers (Exhibitor) looking for distributors, and distributors (Distributor) searching for products to distribute, obtain licensing agreements, or to act as a sales representative.

If you’ve lost your password, and need to update or change your company information, please email: webmaster@pittcon.org
中文 – BCEIA
参展商-经销商网络是一个商业网络服务,连接参展商和分销商,让原来没有机会互相接触的,以满足和发展了业务 对业务的关系。此网上服务将有助于经销商寻求分销商销售产品,和分销商寻获参展商的产品销售,或协议许可,或作为一个销售代表,或企业参展。

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