March 1 - 5, 2020
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Exhibitor Planning Webinars.

Webinars to help our exhibitors plan for a successful expo.

Webinar Part I

Planning for 2020

Webinar Part II

Webinar Part III
What’s Next?

Webinar Part IV
Registration Process

Part I – Planning for Pittcon 2020

Focus on Planning for 2020

This webinar facilitates the sharing of information to help everyone prepare for a successful 2020 exhibition.

Powerpoint Slides

Part I Topics Include:

► Receive information on the new booth assignment process, exhibiting procedures and labor rules

► View and discuss the 2020 floor plan

► Hear from key personnel from Pittcon, GES and McCormick Place

► Review 2019 attendance statistics and hear new marketing initiatives

    Next webinars will be available once they air.


Planning Webinar – Part II

I Got My Booth Number…Now What?

This webinar will help you with the next steps after reserving your booth.

View Powerpoint Slides

Let us be your guide as you continue on in your Pittcon 2019 planning journey! Hear from key Pittcon personnel and vendors to learn how and where to access the service manual, order services, and more. There will be time for a Question and Answer session after each presenter.





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