March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Engage Attendees with the DemoZone or Learning Lab – Virtual and/or In-Person.
Exhibitors are invited to submit a live demo of a product or service, or to impart knowledge with helpful tips or new techniques. You may participate either virtually or in-person – or both!

These attendee engagements must be PRACTICAL and INTERACTIVE to make the biggest impact on our attendees.

    Thank you for your interest. Submissions are closed for Pittcon 2024.


DemoZone or Learning Lab: Which is Right for My Company?

If you have any questions, please contact our Exposition Planner: or 412-825-3220, x204

DemoZone or Learning Labs: Which is Right for my Company?

The most impactful engagement is not a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity to share why your product or service offers the most benefit or efficiency.

Learning Lab
Learning Labs are your interactive opportunity to impart real-world laboratory knowledge, tips, and techniques while also highlighting your company’s top products. This is a chance to share your company’s expertise with Pittcon attendees. After all, customers want to purchase from the experts.
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The DemoZone is where your newest or updated products or services are introduced to Pittcon attendees. This is a chance to demonstrate, (it’s in the name), the technical features, unique attributes, and overall laboratory benefit of your company’s most recent innovations, driving attendees right to your booth.
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DemoZone   < VS >   Learning Lab
DemoZone Examples
Accelerating Microwave Digestion

Mass or Vibrational Spectroscopy Data Analysis Tools

Using portable instruments to Make Reliable Measurements

A Closer Look at Sulfur Detection Techniques for GC

Automating BOD Measurements

A Foolproof way to Ensure Clean Glassware

How do I Freeze Dry more Effectively?

Learning Lab Examples
How to choose the right mass analyzer for your HPLC.

How to handle co-eluting chromatography peaks.

How to do analytical-preparative scale-up liquid chromatography.

Choose the best FTIR accessories for a range of different samples.

A foolproof HPLC Method Development strategy.

How to recognize when HPLC pumps need maintained and show how to re-build them.

How it Works

Whether in-person or virtually, exhibitors will have the ability to capture audience leads. Pittcon will promote these events via the web, app, social media, as well as onsite signage.


  • Located on the Expo Floor during Conference Week
  • Cost is a non-refundable fee of $350
  • Demos and Labs run on the hour
  • Presentations should run 25-30 minutes
  • Virtual

  • Takes place September through February
  • No cost to exhibitors or attendees
  • The webinars will be run by Pittcon via Zoom platform
  • Custom registration questions available
  • Pittcon Will Provide

    • A low hard wall, 20’ x 30’ presentation area with a high counter presentation table
    • One 120 volt, 20 amp outlet with a quad extension (4 outlet receptacle box)
    • Seating capacity for 25 people with standing room capacity
    • Wireless microphone and sound system suitable for a small group
    • A 42” display monitor with speakers

    Any other furnishings or accessories will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to purchase/provide. When making plans, please remember that you will have a limited time to set up and dismantle any equipment, AV, furnishings, etc.

    So why can’t these be commercial?
    The short answer is because no one likes commercials. The longer answer is that our aim is to provide attendees with a take away – learning something new, a new method, a new technique – something they can take back to their job. The most successful sessions are soft-sells that solve problems or streamline processes. And most importantly, are practical and interactive.

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    Submission deadline is December 8, 2023.




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