March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Exhibitor Guest Program

Say thank you to your existing customers or prospective clients by inviting them to Pittcon. As an exhibitor, you have access to a number of unique “one-time use” registration codes to use for your Guests.

Benefits of the Program

  • Great way to say thank you to existing customers or to enhance your relationship with prospects
  • Drive traffic to your booth and increase your ROI
  • Provide incentive for first-time Pittcon attendees

Who Should You Invite?

  • Key customers and prospects
  • Regional contacts
  • First-timers and contacts who have never previously attended Pittcon

Invite Your Exhibitor Guests

To invite your guests, you must first login into your Exhibitor Console, then click the “Exhibitor Guest” tab to begin the process.

Your customer contact person – usually a sales or service representative – should provide each invited guest with a registration code. Make sure your field people have the codes and know how to use this program. They can send it via email, or simply write it on a business card.

Some companies have distributed Exhibitor Guest codes or passes using more creative methods such as offering “free” Pittcon registration to individuals that attend promotional seminars.

How it Works
You will have access to a number of unique “one-time use” registration codes to use for your Exhibitor Guests. An guest code is good for a single One Day registration when the expo is open. Your guest will choose Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the registration process, and will have the option to upgrade to a Full Attendee registration, paying the difference.

Each exhibitor will initially receive the following:

Exhibitor Rental
Exhibitor Guest Allotment
Per each 10′ x 10′ Booth
(4) Exhibitor Guests
Per each Seminar Booth
(16) Exhibitor Guests
(Each unique registration code can be used for one single One Day registration.)

Additional Guest Passes

You may request additional registration codes after exceeding the complimentary Exhibitor Guest allotment by completing the online “Additional Exhibitor Guest Codes Request” form located in the Exhibitor Console. The cost for additional guests will be $100.00 per guest. (You will NOT be charged unless the guest pass is used.)

Once the request is approved, the additional codes will automatically appear under the Exhibitor Guest Code List section of the Exhibitor Online Registration Account.

Tracking Your Guest Passes

Every exhibitor manager will receive an email containing login credentials to access their Exhibitor Console where the Exhibitor Guest codes can be retrieved. A real-time list of available Guest codes, along with codes used and the names associated with each number, will be available in your console.

However, it is your responsibility as an exhibitor or your sales personnel to keep track of the specific Exhibitor Guest registration code given to each prospective guest.

We strongly recommend that you keep a secured list of your invited Exhibitor Guests and their corresponding codes available in your booth during Conference Week for reference in the event a Guest loses their code before registering.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Shelley Simpson-Forget at




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