Entrepreneurial Growth for Consultants, Contractors, and Suppliers

Entrepreneurial Growth for Consultants, Contractors, and Suppliers
Course #: SC5670
Track: Management/Professional Development

Jeffrey Kiplinger
Cohere Business Strategies
Half Day Course
Cost: $400

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Course Description

As scientists we sometimes start businesses to leverage our deep experience and skill set. But we’re the best in the company at delivering, how do we find time to find new clients, set up our businesses to succeed, and ultimately teach employees to deliver what we can? We have some self-limiting beliefs. Our training and background in the sciences makes it hard for us to claim that we’re unique, valuable, and better than alternatives because we recognize the skepticism we’ll face in making these claims. If our time is consumed with delivering our product or service, how do we plan for growth? How do we deliver to current clients and still build a pipeline? How do we build on what we have? In this course, we cover how to systematize the business of what we do. Our businesses can become a tool we can use to grow, rather than just a delivery vehicle for our talents. This course is for scientists who want to leverage growth beyond their individual efforts.

Target Audience

Life sciences professionals, or those in other highly technical fields, who are trying to build their business within their technical specialty. Consultants, suppliers, commercial enterprises, and contract services providers.

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